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Amongst the favourites available on our store, we recognise you will love a mug of this to enable you to get on the way for the day, or maybe to take it easy along with close friends.

Shop for your own Nestle 'Caffe Lungo' für Dolce Gusto now prior to when the discount is over or take a look at opinions available courtesy of any other customers.

Manufacturer Description

An elegant cup of full-bodied coffee with a rich fragrance and a silky crema layer. Literally a 'long coffee', Caffè Lungo is a 'stretched' espresso. Rather of making a shot, enough warm water to fill a regular coffee cup (however not a mug) is passed through the roast and ground coffee. The outcome: a rich and smooth coffee that you can take your time over., Ingredients: Roasted ground coffee, Load includes:1 pack Dolce Gusto Caffè Lungo with 16 capsules for 16 portions Net weight: 112g/ pack, 7g/ pill

Product Features

A 'stretched' espresso; a long cup of smooth intense coffee Enjoy with or without milk Like the iconic espresso, water is passed through our rich roasted and ground coffee blend Smooth, enticingly dark coffee that's just right for everyday easy drinking Lungo coffee pod drink is the ideal choice for the coffee enthusiast who likes things simple but won't compromise on well-rounded flavour

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