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If you're thinking about a perfect coffee to match your coffee maker you needn't hunt no further than the Douwe Egberts Mildou, 36 Coffee Pods. A really well liked item over at our store, this great tasting premium coffee is usually appreciated just about every day, and also for special occasions.

Among the many favourites at Coffee Pod King, everybody knows that you're going to are keen on a mug of this to allow you to get on the way during the morning hours, as well as relax along with neighbours.

Purchase some Douwe Egberts Mildou, 36 Coffee Pods right away before the promotion finishes or why not be be sure to examine the comments left according to a number of customers.

Manufacturer Description

Mildou Douwe Egberts coffee is now offered as convenient cases. The secret of Mildou depends on the choice of high quality grains, roasting slowly at low temperatures. Enjoy the velvety taste and abundant fragrance of Douwe Egberts Mildou.

Roasting ground coffee

Lieferumfang:1 pack Douwe Egberts Mildou with 36 cases for 36 servings Net weight: 250 / pack, 6.9 g / covering

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