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Get Lavazza A Modo Mio 9 Flavour Variety Pack (18 Pods) - Lavazza More info
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If you would like a really good coffees to suit your coffee maker you mustn't look no further than the Lavazza A Modo Mio 9 Flavour Variety Pack (18 Pods). A particularly in demand item over at our store, this great flavourful coffee is actually appreciated each day, and also for special occasions.

Amongst the best sellers found at Coffee Pod King, we realise that you're going to love a cup of this one to enable you to get on the way for the early morning hours, and to chill out along with close friends.

Order some Lavazza A Modo Mio 9 Flavour Variety Pack (18 Pods) immediately just before promotion is finished or perhaps be certain to read the user reviews left by various other customers.

Manufacturer Description

Lavazza A Modo Mio
9 Flavour Range Pack
18 Hulls

A Modo Mio is exactly how the Italians wish their capuccino prepared baseding on their expectations and choices, milder or more powerful, more fragrant or with a "kick", always with the right amount of body and typical gold crema, the apparent mark of a coffee made "just as it should be".

A Modo Mio is the device that Lavazza commits to all capuccino enthusiasts: a professional device in baby, where the capuccino machine and the coffee capsule work in synergy to offer you a top-class result each time.

Flavours consisted of:
DELICATI - Soavemente
Light, light-bodied with flower notes

Smooth, well rounded and velvety

Full-flavoured and well balanced decaffeinated coffee

Well rounded, smooth, fragrant.

LE SELEZIONI - Magicamente
Highly fragrant, great smelling, well rounded.

¡ TIERRA! - Intenso
Hints of chocolate, extreme, comprehensive- flavored.

Harmonious, full-flavoured, smooth

Intense, robust, all-round

LE SELEZIONI - Divinamente
Velvety with a distinct personality and tips of chocolate

Product Features

Lavazza A Modo Mio 9 Flavour Variety Pack (18 Pods, 2 of each) Delicati - Soavemente, Le Selezioni - Divinamente, Le Selezioni - Magicamente ¡Tierra! - Intenso, Intensamente, Appassionatamente Deliziosamente, Cremosamente dek, Caffè Crema Lungo - Dolcemente

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