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Find Nespresso Dulsão do Brasil, 10 Capsules from Nestlé More info
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Manufacturer Description

Sweet and smooth:
A pure Brazilian Arabica, Dulsão is a blend of red and yellow Bourbon coffees. Separate roasting of the grains ensures roundness and equilibrium while uncovering sweet notes of honey and malt.

Delicate and notable, the red and yellow Bourbons originate from the higher altitude ranches of Southern Brazil. Hand-picked, the grains are dried in the sunlight with their mucilage, the nourishing pulp that borders it, to add more sweetness to the coffee.

A few of the coffee is gently roasted to bring out its sweet notes whilst the continuing to be part undergoes a much longer roast to stabilize the mix.

Fragrant account:
Wonderful notes of honey and maple syrup dominate, on a base of malted cereal.

Intensity: 5
Sampling: Espresso cup (40 ml)

Roast & ground coffee

Lieferumfang:1 pack Nespresso Capsules Dulsão do Brasil with 10 capsules for 10 portions Net weight: 50g / pack, 5g / capsule

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