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If you are searching for a really good premium coffee for your specific coffeemaker you mustn't shop no further than the 180 Senseo Coffee Pods by Gimoka. A tremendously in demand item from our store, an excellent flavourful premium coffee could in fact be enjoyed every day, as well as special moments.

One of the favourites here at Coffee Pod King, everybody knows you'll absolutely adore a mug of this one to enable you to get going in the day, as well as relax alongside your friends.

Order your own 180 Senseo Coffee Pods by Gimoka as soon as possible prior to when the promotion comes to an end or take time to check out testimonies available made by many other customers.

Manufacturer Description

Description of the suitable Senseo pods. Gimoka Senseo pods "STRONG": Dark and extreme coffee. A strong and decisive mix, with an intense and full-bodied fragrance. Lingering notes of dried fruit and toasted bread, with an aftertaste of spices. Gimoka Senseo pods "CLASSIC": Full-bodied coffee. A sweet and balanced mix. Its fragrance is a harmony of sensations leaving us with notes of dark chocolate, caramel and citrus Gimoka Senseo pods "MILD": Balanced and long lasting tasting coffee. Delicate Central and South America coffee, with notes of fruit and citrus. Floral and orange chocolate sensations. The prized Arabica offers the mix an intense sweet taste and enjoyable level of acidity. Gimoka Senseo pods "DECAF": Balanced and long lasting tasting coffee. An abundant aromatic decaf, whilst still preserving the sensorial qualities of coffee thanks to its mix selection, as well as mindful studies of the roasting and natural decaffeinated processes.

Product Features

180 coffee pods compatible with Senseo System in packs of 18 coffee pods each (10x18 pads, 180 Pods in total) The range consists of 4 different blends: STRONG (Dark roasted and intense); CLASSIC (full-bodied); MILD (100% Arabica, balanced and long lasting taste); DECAF Coffee grinding has been optimised to guarantee the perfect extraction with Senseo System to provide a "clean" cup of coffee with a well defined sensory profile. Senseo® Compatible Pods roasted by Gruppo Gimoka according to the best Italian coffee artisan tradition. 100% Made in Italy; Exclusively at Gimoka Coffee UK

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