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If you need an exceptional gourmet coffee to use in your coffeemaker you shouldn't search no further than the CafePod Nespresso Compatible Intense Capsules 10 per pack. A tremendously liked product at Coffee Pod King, this great flavourful premium coffee might end up being appreciated any day, as well as for special occasions.

Among the many favourites available on the Coffee Pod King, we realise you'll love a cup of this one to allow you to get going during early morning hours, and even to relax accompanied by great friends.

Choose your CafePod Nespresso Compatible Intense Capsules 10 per pack soon before the promotion ends or why not read the testimonies placed created by some other customers.

Manufacturer Description

Cafépod Intense Espresso has a rich, heavy body and extreme flavour. Great quality Arabicas from Southern Brazil and Central America establish flavours of dark chocolate and chestnut when provided a fuller roast in our standard drum roaster. These coffees, combined with the finest Southern Indian Robustas, renowned for their full body and spicy finish, create a powerful and strong coffee that remains with a sweet, smoky finish on the palate.Passionate about coffeeOur Master Roasters have sourced the finest beans from coffee regions around the wold in order to create the best espresso for you to take pleasure in. Each batch has been thoroughly picked, roasted and ground to perfection. All Cafépod pills are sealed separately to maximise freshness, ensuring you enjoy your preferred mix at home as our Mater Roasters intended.Look out for the rest of our range: Arabica Lungo and Decaffeinated 1-4Smooth 5-7Intense and Ristretto 8-10Strength - 8 - strong, Something creative for your nespresso device, High quality coffee beans, Roasted & ground to perfection, Silky crema, Rich flavour, Big idea, little pod

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