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If you are searching for excellent coffee for your coffeemaker then simply hunt beyond the Coffee Pods ESE - Classic - Real Neapolitan Espresso (150 pods). A really favourite item over at The Coffee Pod King, this excellent flavourful premium coffee could in fact be savoured every single day of the week, in addition to special moments.

One of the favourites found at the Coffee Pod King, we know that you're going to take delight in a cup of this to enable you to get going in the early morning, or even to take it easy accompanied by great friends.

Buy some Coffee Pods ESE - Classic - Real Neapolitan Espresso (150 pods) right this moment right before the promotion draws to a close or possibly be be sure to look into the consumer reviews available courtesy of a few other customers.

Manufacturer Description

Origin: Improved mixture made from 70 % Arabica coffee from Brazil and Central America, processed in Naples where the art of coffee making began. Processing Technique: Wood-fire roasted with chosen oak lumber, complying with the earliest Neapolitan coffee making custom. Why is Wood-fire Roasted Coffee Different? For over 1000 years, coffee was roasted with lumber. During the last 100 years various other heat sources, such as gas, or power, have actually been used but the flavors and scents from lumber fire roasted coffee is one-of-a-kind. The oak lumber imparts a natural sweetness to the coffee that could not be achieved using various other methods of roasting. Sampling Notes: Sugary food with an intense body, classic standard Neapolitan Java. Appropriate: with all E.S.E (easy offer capuccino) Coffee Equipments. Ideal Before: 2015.

Product Features

70% Arabica E.S.E Coffee Pods 44mm - Sweet with an intense body, classic traditional Neapolitan Espresso. Wood - Fire Roasted Coffee - Made in Italy Pack of 150 Pods x 7g Each - Packaged In one Dose Pod In Protective Atmosphere Coffee Pods for use in ESE 44mm Coffee Makers such as Illy Pod, Lavazza Pod... Best Before: 2015

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