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The best choice for use on your coffee maker!

One of the favourites available at our store, we realise you will absolutely love a cup of this to get you on the way for the morning hours, or enjoy accompanied by family and friends.

Select some Bicafe Paixao Capsules ECP-350 immediately ahead of when the offer comes to an end or perhaps browse user reviews left according to some customers.

Manufacturer Description

Bicafe capsules system-Paixao (enthusiasm in Portuguese). Functions: balanced and velvety. Strength Grade: 8. Balanced and velvety, paixao achieves the best balance between strength, density, body and smoothness. The caramel and woody hints that continue to be on the taste buds after the tasting, are the delicate finishing touch that makes all those who taste this coffee fall in love with it, thus the enthusiasm. Now you can take pleasure in the amazing taste of real fresh European espresso in the capsule type that's simple to make use of. Offered in 4 ranges to please your mood, taste and flavor-intenso, alma, paixio and descafeinado. Each capsule is separately crammed in an air-tight package that has a service life of as much as 18 months. We guarantee the maximum freshness from the time you open your very first capsule in the box of 50 up until your last capsule. Our capsules have on typical 5.8 gm of coffee vs. competition who has approximately 4.95 gm of coffee. This is a distinction of approximately 15-percent. Bicafe coffees

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Nespresso is a registered trademark of Nestle S.A., unrelated to Bicafe Easy to use Made in Portugal, the capital of espresso world Only the best ingredients to produce best results

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