Find Nespresso Espresso Capriccio, 10 Capsules by Nestlé

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Find Nespresso Espresso Capriccio, 10 Capsules by Nestlé More info
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One of the favourites here at Coffee Pod King, it's well known you are going to enjoy a mug of this one to get you going in the day, or to have fun with fine friends.

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Manufacturer Description

Wealthy and distinctive:
Mixing South American Arabica with a contact of Robusta, Capriccio is an espresso with a abundant aroma and is dominated by a typical cereal be aware.

The presence of South American Arabicas developed at high altitude offers this blend a mild acidity, which is well balanced with just the proper volume of Brazilian Arabica and a contact of Robusta.

The mild roasting of this blend generates a abundant character and preserves a mild acidity.

Fragrant profile:
A typical cereal be aware well balanced with a mild acidity.

Intensity: 5
Tasting: Espresso cup (40 ml) r />Net weight: 50g / pack, 5g / capsule

Roast & floor espresso

Pack is made up of:
1 pack Nespresso Capsules Espresso Capriccio with 10 capsules for 10 parts
Net weight: 50g / pack, 5g / capsule

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Nespresso Capriccio 10 Capsules

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