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Purchase 20 Tassimo T Discs Pods Variety Pack - Tassimo More info
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The best choice for any coffee maker!

One of the most popular available on the Coffee Pod King, it's well known you will adore a mug of this one to enable you to get up and running for the morning hours, or even to take it easy accompanied by fine friends.

Purchase your own 20 Tassimo T Discs Pods Variety Pack as soon as possible before the promotion comes to an end or be be sure to look into the reviews left made by several other customers.

Manufacturer Description

Presently our 20 Disc pack has:. CAFÉ HAG,. Carte Noire Café Long Délicat,. Carte Noire Petit Dejeuner,. Carte Noire Crema Intenso,. Carte Noire Decaffeinated Expresso,. Carte Noire Expresso,. Costa Americano,. Jacobs Caffé Crema Intenso,. Jacobs Emperor,. Kenco Caffè Crema,. Kenco Tool Roast,. Kenco Pure Colombian,. Jacobs Medaille D'Or,. Jacobs Coffee,. Carte Noire Expresso Intense,. Milk Creamer,. Suchard Hot Chocolate,. Twinings English Breakfast,. Twinings Étoile de Russie,. Wildcard/random taste.

Product Features

20 TASSIMO T-DISC PACK with prying tool Great if you just bought a Tassimo machine and want to try out some of the drinks on offer 1 pod each of 20 flavours listed below (if stock is available) and a prying tool Delivered in a plain brown box If any pods are out of stock they will be replaced with a similar range

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