Get 100 x Caffesso Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules 10 Unique Blends by Caffesso

Get 100 x Caffesso Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules 10 Unique Blends by Caffesso More info
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If you would like fantastic coffees to suit your coffee machine you needn't search no further than the 100 x Caffesso Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules 10 Unique Blends. A tremendously sought after item at The Coffee Pod King, this great flavourful a cup of coffee is in many cases loved each day of the week, as well as for special moments.

Amongst the most popular found at Coffee Pod King, we all believe you are going to adore a mug of this to get you up and running during the day, or to take it easy accompanied by close friends.

Shop for your own 100 x Caffesso Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules 10 Unique Blends without delay prior to when the discount is finished or perhaps see the ratings left made by other customers.

Manufacturer Description

NTENSO - STRENGTH 12 - This energetic espresso mix radiates the unique attributes of Ethiopian, Mexican, Indian and Colombian coffees with a tip of cocoa, ensuring a complete bodied cappuccino or an effective Coffee shop Cortado
INDIANO - STRENGTH 11 - Indiano's richness and heady taste attributes perfectly evocative of the Indian sub-continent. Makes a terrific Ristretto too.FORZA ROMA - STRENGTH 10 - you'll love our strong espresso expertly crafted from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil, Africa and India. This extremely roasted Espresso mix combines the level of acidity and woody notes of two separate Robusta coffees
SIDAMO - STRENGTH 10 - Single Pure Origin mix from the best Ethiopian coffee area roasted for a well-balanced coffee with soft floral undertones and low acidity.MILANO -STRENGTH 9 - This complex 100% Arabica, northern Italian style mix creates a pleasantly full-bodied espresso with an unique fragrance, and a taste similar to the Orient. Ideal served espresso or ristretto.COLOMBIAN -STRENGTH
8 - Single Pure Origin. A classic Colombian coffee healthy in flavour, level of acidity and body to ensure a well- balanced espresso.LUNGO STRENGTH- STRENGTH 8 - An espresso designed for longer extraction, Exact roasting provides a perfect lungo extraction for those choosing a 'Caffè Americano'. Impresso Lungo is designed for bigger cups (110ml). More water is utilized in preparing the Lungo coffee by design.AROMATICO -STRENGTH 7 - This dark, rich, healthy, Southern Italian style espresso boasts an unique chocolaty full body and fragrant character in its mix of South and Central American coffees.ITALIANO -STRENGTH 6 - This medium roasted mix of South American and Asian coffee beans highlights a balanced combination of flavour and fragrant overtones, including the floral, caramel and earthy notes characteristic of popular mid- Italian espressos. A rewarding sip at any time of

Product Features

¦ Gourmet Coffee Capsules Compatible With All Nespresso Machines ¦ Improved 55 Gram Capsule - 10% more coffee per capsule, giving you an even better flavour ¦ Hermetically sealed closed capsule, equals less packaging, coloured labels making them ideal for capsule dispensers. ¦ Caffesso create luxury, distinctive and award winning espresso blend capsules - A quality product at a great price ¦ This is a selection pack of all 10 Caffeso Blends. Find your favourite and order in bulk.

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