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Manufacturer Description

Origin: Refined blend made from 100 % Arabica coffee from Brazil and also Central The united state, refined in Naples where the fine art of coffee making began.

Processing Method: Wood-fire roasted with selected oak wood, adhering to the earliest Neapolitan coffee making custom.

Why is Wood-fire Roasted Coffee different? For over 1000 years, coffee was roasted with wood. Throughout the last 100 years other heat gets, such as gas, or power, have been utilized however the flavours and also scents from wood fire roasted coffee is one-of-a-kind. The oak wood conveys a natural sweet taste to the coffee that can not be achieved making use of other methods of roasting.

Sampling Notes: The organoleptic qualities of 6 different coffee plantations that comprise this superb mixture, very carefully determined, are found in a sweet and also chocolaty taste coffee which leaves a delicately wonderful and also velvety aftertaste.

Content: 100 % bLavazza Capuccino Point Appropriate Capsules - Packaged In one Dosage Capsule In Protective Atmosphere.

Product Features

100% Lavazza Point Coffee Machines Compatible pods Refined blend made of 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil and Central America, processed in Naples where the art of coffee making began Pack of 100 Capsules - Packaged In one Dose Capsule In Protective Atmosphere Wood-Fire Roasted Blend

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