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Among the most popular here at Coffee Pod King, we realise you will take delight in a mug of this to allow you to get on the way for the early morning, or just to chill out alongside family and friends.

Get some Coffee Pods ESE - 100% Arabica - Wood-Fire Roasted (100 pods) straight away before the promotion finishes or possibly be be sure to browse the consumer reviews left according to some customers.

Manufacturer Description

Origin: Refined mix made from 100 % Arabica coffee from Brazil and Central The united state, refined in Naples where the fine art of coffee making started. Handling Method: Wood-fire roasting with picked oak wood, adhering to the earliest Neapolitan coffee making custom. Why is Wood-fire Roasted Coffee Different? For over 1000 years, coffee was roasting with wood. During the last 100 years other heat sources, such as natural gas, or electricity, have been used but the flavors and aromas from wood fire roasting coffee is special. The oak wood imparts a natural sweet taste to the coffee that could not be obtained using other techniques of cooking. Tasting Notes: The organoleptic features of six different coffee plantations that compose this exceptional combination, very carefully determined, are found in a wonderful and chocolaty preference coffee which leaves a naturally wonderful and velvety taste. Appropriate: with all E.S.E (easy serve coffee) 44mm Coffee Machines. Best Just before: 2015.

Product Features

100% Arabica E.S.E Coffee Pods 44mm - sweet and chocolaty taste coffee which leaves a delicately sweet and velvety aftertaste. Wood - Fire Roasted Coffee - Made in Italy Pack of 100 Pods x 7g Each - Packaged In one Dose Pod In Protective Atmosphere Coffee Pods for use in ESE 44mm Coffee Makers such as Illy Pod, Lavazza Pod... Best Before: 2015

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