Buy 60 Dolce Gusto Compatible Coffee & Hot Chocolate Capsules Variety Pack - YOU CHOOSE BLEND from Tiziano Bonini

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Buy 60 Dolce Gusto Compatible Coffee & Hot Chocolate Capsules Variety Pack - YOU CHOOSE BLEND from Tiziano Bonini More info

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Manufacturer Description

60 Dolce Gusto compatible coffee pills. Pick from the following blends: CAPPUCCINO - 10 PODS = 5 BEVERAGES The best coffee beans improved with a frothed milky foam to ensure a scrumptious drink. Velvety and gourmand, is the best flavor to begin the day in the sweetest way. CAFE AU LAIT/CAFFE LATTE - 10 PODS = 10 BEVERAGES The combination of the energy of the coffee and the sweet taste of the milk makes this best. One real goodness! CIOCCOLATO - 10 PODS = 10 BEVERAGES Tasty drink flavored chocolate for a break heady and greedy. Each capsule corresponds to a cup of hot chocolate. ESPRESSO CLASSIC - 10 PODS = 10 BEVERAGES Mix that seems "soft" even in the nose. The taste is creamy also on the palate. A coffee characterized by fruity and bitter notes, normal to arabicas from central America and Brazil, contributed to Robusta. The outcome is a coffee with a round and great body ... merely "SOFT". CORTADO - 10 PODS = 10 BEVERAGES The goodness of espresso "cut" with a dash of hot milk. All this in one capsule! ESPRESSO INTENSO- 10 PODS = 10 BEVERAGES A rich and balanced coffee at exact same time. Perfect mix between strength and finesse. This blend is made up by Robusta, with its roasted notes, and Arabica from Central America, perfectly roasted. The outcome is an "INTENSE" coffee for Italian espresso's fans. ESPRESSO SPECIALTY - 10 PODS = 10 BEVERAGES. Constant and energetic blend, aroma strong and permeating for real connoisseurs. ESPRESSO SETA - 10 PODS = 10 BEVERAGES. Finest 100% arabica blend; soft and creamy. Premium coffee from Central and South America are mixed to give an arrangement with almond notes. The cream has a light brown color. It appears on palate some fragrances of flowers and a delicate-acidulous note. There is also a relentless aftertaste rich of cocoa flavor. A fluent espresso like the "Silk". you will never fails to taste!

Product Features

6 Packs of Dolce Gusto Pods - 9 Single Different blends to choose from or select the Variety pack Choose from Caffe Latte/Cafe au Lait, Cappuccino, Cioccocino, Cortado, Espresso Intenso, Espresso Classic, Espresso Decaf, Espresso Seta, Espresso Forte Variety Pack includes: Cappuccino (10 pods, 5 drinks), Caffe Latte, Cioccolato, Cortado, Espresso Classic, Espresso Intenso, Espresso Decaf Coffee capsules only compatible with Dolce Gusto®* machines 100% Italian coffee. Exclusive to StormBrew in UK

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