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Purchase Cafepod Decaffeinated 10 Pack 55G from Cafepod More info
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Among the many most popular available at Coffee Pod King, we know that you will take great delight in a mug of this to get you up and running in the morning, or to unwind together with family.

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Manufacturer Description

Decaffeinated Espresso. Discover more at: www.cafepod.com. Tasting Notes: Molasses, Citrus, Honey. Origin: Honduras. Nespresso & suitable pills. Contents: 10 pills consisting of freshly roasted and ground coffee.Life favours those who do. The strong, the passionate, the restless, the identified. Those who get on with it. These are the people we make coffee for. These are Caf & Pod individuals. We believe in the mantra 'quality in, quality out'. That's why we invest time and energy into sourcing fantastic coffee, fantastic partners and fantastic individuals. All this in the pursuit of one thing: Excellent Strong Coffee.Pack Size:55 g. Excellent strong coffee Strength - 8

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Good strong coffee Strength - 8

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