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If you're thinking about a magnificent premium coffee to use in your coffeemaker then simply look beyond the Senseo Dark Roast, New Design, 48 Coffee Pods. A remarkably well liked option at, this great tasting coffee could very well be savoured each day, in addition to special moments.

Among the favourites available on our store, we realise you'll take delight in a mug of this to help you get on the way during the morning, and to unwind alongside guests.

Purchase your own Senseo Dark Roast, New Design, 48 Coffee Pods right now before the promotion is over or perhaps take a look at reviews available made by some customers.

Manufacturer Description

Senseo Strong: attempt the abundant, strong flavour of Senseo Strong. A coffee mix of dark-roasted Arabica and Robusta beans with a soft crema. A strong mixture of chosen Arabica and Robusta beans for an unique coffee with an uncompromising character. It is perfectly appropriate for moments in which you require energy, for example in the morning or after lunch. Senseo's choice is constantly the beginning of something beautiful. Select your preferred coffee and enter a world full of adventures where quality is of basic significance. Motivated by the complete flavour of the 50 carefully ground coffee beans in each pod, your day will develop into a terrific one at the touch of a button., Components: Ground roast coffee, Pack includes:1 Pack Senseo coffee pads Strong, Effective Flavour, Ground & Roasted, New Design, 48 Pods

Product Features

Senseo Strong is an intense, full-bodied coffee. Ingredients: Roast and ground coffee.

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