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Buy Tassimo T Discs (PODS) 'variety' Selection Pack - 27 Drinks / 30 PODs - Kraft Foods More info
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If you are thinking about a fabulous premium coffee to suit your coffee machine you must not hunt beyond the Tassimo T Discs (PODS) 'variety' Selection Pack - 27 Drinks / 30 PODs. A hugely popular option over at our shop, an excellent tasting gourmet coffee could very well be enjoyed each and every day, and also for special moments.

Amongst the best sellers found at, we all believe you are going to absolutely adore a cup of this to get you on the way during day, as well as have fun accompanied by buddies.

Choose your own Tassimo T Discs (PODS) 'variety' Selection Pack - 27 Drinks / 30 PODs without delay just before offer is over or take time to see the feedback left by a number of customers.

Manufacturer Description

1. Jacobs Caffe Crema Intenso 2. Costa Americano 3. Kenco Medium Roast 4. Kenco Caffe Crema 5. Kenco Colombian 6. Carte Noire Petit Dejeuner 7. Carte Noire Expresso Classic 8. Carte Noire Cafe Long Delicat 9. Café HAG 10. Jacobs Medaille d'Or 11. Jacobs Espresso 12. Carte Noire Cafe Long Aromatiq 13. Jacobs Queen 14. Carte Noire Crema Intenso 15. Carte Noire Expresso Decafeine 16. Catre Noire Expresso Intense 17. Twinings English Breakfast 18. Twinings Earl Grey Tea 19. Twinings Apres-Midi d'Orient 20. Twinings Fruits of the Forest 21. Twinings Green Tea & Mint 22. Twinings Etoile de Russie 23. Suchard Hot Chocolate 24. Cadbury Hot Chocolate 25. Milka Hot Chocolate 26. Carte Noire Cappuccino * (consists of creamer for Carte Noire Cappuccino POD) 27. Cremer from milk

Product Features

TASSIMO T-DISC 'variety' SELECTION PACK 27 Drinks / 28 T Discs in total. Designed to allow you to experience a great range of the popular coffee, tea and chocolate in the Tassimo range allowing you to discover your favourite ones! The 'variety' selection includes 1 of each of the 27 flavours listed, 28 T Discs in total as each of the '*' drinks requires 2 different PODs to make that particular drink, all of which are included. In the unlikely event of particular drink being unavailable it will be substituted with one of equal quality Please note the T Discs are supplied loose and packed securely in a plain brown box.

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