5 x Senseo Coffee Pods Dark Roast (18 Pods)

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5 x Senseo Coffee Pods Dark Roast (18 Pods) More info
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he abundant taste and splendid scent from Douwe Egberts Senseo gives you a cozy coffee minute to take pleasure in and share ... To bring you the very best coffee, our passionate Senseo Master Roasters work on developing perfect coffee blends. Just the finest top quality grains are chosen to bring you a smooth taste and intense scent, this is what makes each Senseo coffee special. Doned with a smooth crema layer to make that extra touch of the privilege. Perfect for your unique coffee moments. At Douwe Egberts we care about coffee, the people who expand it and the world it originates from. Working together with our certification partner UTZ Certified, we aid farmers prosper and aid preserve the setting. At Douwe Egberts we have been passionate about making great sampling coffee for over 250 years. Our coffee have a tasty smooth taste and special coffee scent. The Douwe Egberts trademark is your guarantee that you will certainly take pleasure in the very best top quality coffee whenever.

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Dark roast quality ground coffee Rich and fully flavoured with hints of almond and dark chocolate Only the finest quality beans are selected Smooth taste and intense aroma Finished with a smooth crema layer

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