CafePod Coffee Pods

CaféPod is a brand that was created with one simple vision, which is to create more coffee moments to the increasing number of aficionados worldwide.

Different from regular cup of coffee, CaféPod Coffee Pods can best be described as an experience, a moment, and at times a life saver.

Blending totally different worlds into one, you will enjoy the sweetest and rarest espresso consisting of the finest Arabica of South America together with stimulating full-bodied Indonesian coffees, not leaving out the top quality Indian Robusta working hand in hand to bring out the bold coffee experience.

The overall flavour of the coffee pod is of ripe red and dark chocolate beans that result to a creamy spice-like finish.

CaféPod is truly a master in the art judging by the sweet blend of nature and technology utilised to achieve long-lasting, high quality espresso products using next generation pod system.

Get access to great coffee whenever and wherever you want with CaféPod coffee pods.

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