Caffe Prima Coffee Pods

Caffe Prima Coffee Pods pack freshly roasted and blended coffee beans, prepped in an exquisite North Italian style. Caffe Prima pods are blended to bring out just the right mix of intense flavor while ridding it of the bitter undertones.

100% pure Arabica, Sumatra Crema, Decaffeinated, Continental Intense, Costa Rican, and Italian Passion tote up the rich quality varieties of Caffe Prima pods, which produce a fantastic tasting espresso.

Caffe Prima pods are individually sealed, within an hour of roasting, to ensure their superior taste and savor are preserved. While it's available in the different and popular coffee styles, and is suitable for drinking at any time and leaves very little mess to clean up after in your coffee machine.

In the chilly evening, simply heat up your coffee machine, slip in one of these tasty, flavorful coffee pods, add a little steamed frothy milk, and enjoy a warming latte.

If you want a perfect everyday latte or espresso, then why not try Caffe Prima?

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