Espressione Coffee Pods

Espressione is a top quality Italian brand that deals particularly with Easy Serve Espresso (E.S.E) Coffee Pods. The brand came up with the perfect solution to enable you at home, including other small establishments serve not only fresh but authentic espresso or cappuccino with minimum waste.

With the onset of the 'coffee society', Espressione coffee pods has substituted the out-dated bulky cappuccino machines known for high level of waste with affordable, superfast easy-to-use alternative; where each pod contains enough espresso coffee for a one-cup satisfaction. The air-tight wrapper is enough reason why you should be ready to experience the “just roasted” coffee taste.

The coffee within the pods is roasted for true and indeed the sweetest European taste. The method that is used to prepare the beans ensures that your coffee does not create stomach acids but instead grant you the healthiest of flavours to keep you rejuvenated.

Available in different varieties, Espressione Coffee Pods will stay fresh until you decide to use them.