Pitti Caffe Coffee Pods

Pitti Caffe is one of the many high demand Italian coffees that has a very rich flavor. The coffee offers a natural taste that people can enjoy drinking at any time of the day. This is one coffee with a pure 100% Italian energy made from 100% Arabica coffee pods.

With a fragrant aftertaste, the coffee is delicate, aromatic and mild leaving you with a smooth base. With it's headquarters based its headquarters in Milan with two production sites, one in Milan and another in Switzerland, consumers assured of enjoying the perfect espresso of an irresistible chocolate made with fresh milk. It comes in coffee pods that are fully biodegradable and the method of production leaves your stomach with fewer acids. It is the perfect anti-oxidizing agent to any cappuccino or latte.

The coffee is available in paper pods with a 4mm easy serving espresso. You can enjoy a wide selection of this coffee ranging from a creamy cappuccino to a hot chocolate depending on their taste. For the coffee lover, make the right choice and enjoy the best coffee you will ever have.