Segafredo Coffee Pods

From Segafredo Zanetti comes the Segafredo Coffee Pods. The Segafredo coffee empire was established in Paris in 1988 by Italian coffee merchant Massimo Zanetti. Initially he had just one cafe, but the popularity of his brand saw the company become one of the world's leading espresso brands.

Segafredo selects the beans for it's coffee pods from Brazil, Hawaii and Costa Rica and uses modern roasting and blending techniques in Bologna, Italy to create delicious blended Italian coffee. The beans are roasted slowly to develop a striking taste and aroma before a team of experts test the blend to ensure it meets Segafredo's high standards.

Segafredo has a wonderful range of blends including Extra Strong, Mild, Extra Mild, Metropol, Horeca and Fiesta. These delicious coffees are made using Arabica and Robusta beans to suit any occasion and any taste. They also have a great decaffeinated blend in the form of CafeSenza which is brewed naturally to leave all the wonderful aromas intact.

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