Tassimo T-Disc Coffee Pods

Everyone who has tried a Tassimo range of beverages knows that they are just the perfect start to the early morning. There is a rich assortment of Tassimo T-Disc pods that are suitable for every occasion. Ranging from decaffeinated through different flavours to regular coffee, the Tassimo name always stands out as the winner.

Tassimo coffee T-Discs come with different levels of roast, depending on your preferences. You can choose from light, medium, bold and extra bold roasts. Combine this with the different blends and you will be spoilt for choice. They can be made into any cup size.

In the unique Tassimo coffee method of preparing a single cup of coffee rather than brewing the whole pot, you will end up with a cup of coffee that is made to your exact requirements, your own way. There is no more need to keep looking for the daily fix - your perfect cup of coffee is here.

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